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Pet of the Week

Do you want your pet or pets to be featured on our website and Facebook page? If so, then fill out this form, https://forms.gle/GZfAYEAtgsFuJYQW6. Each week we will randomly be picking a new entry to have your pets or pet be our pet of the week! The good new is, once you fill out a form your pet is entered until it is featured, even better, you only have to fill out one form for multiple pets. The only requirement is that you and your pets MUST be clients of ours.

Jumbo Korican

This weeks Pet of the Week is….. Jumbo! Jumbo is a 10 month old Shih Tzu who definitely lives up to his name! His mom, Stephanie Korican, says Jumbo loves to get the zoomies throughout the house and loves his cow and hedgehog! Jumbo is also known as Turs, and loves lying on his cot and looking out the window. Jumbo may be small but his personality fills his name.