1. We are still not allowing anyone into the clinic, we will still be performing our curbside service. Once you arrive at your scheduled appointment time please give us a call from the parking lot. We will come out and collect your pet, do their physical, and we will give you a call on your cellphone once we are finished. Currently, we are taking payment over the phone.

2. Please bring your dog on a leash and step them out of the car before we come out to get them for an easier exchange. For cats, please bring them in a carrier (we will not accept any cat not in a carrier). After you are checked in please place them outside of your car so we can collect them.

3. We are now able to perform non-essential surgeries, these include spays and neuters.

4. We are able to refill medication and will be taking payment over the phone. We may not be able to refill your medication quickly, or even in the same day. Please be aware of how much you have left and when you will need it.

5. We are able to perform wellness exams, including vaccines. We are trying to catch up with what was missed during the closure, so we are currently booking appointments a month out.

6. We have been experiencing an influx of phone calls recently, because of this we may need to place you on hold. We will get to you, but there may be a number of clients ahead of you so please wait on the line until we get back to you. In the event that we cannot answer the phone, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

7. Our clinic hours are currently Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm, appointments starting at 9 am. We are NOT in the office on Saturday or late Thursday for now. We will keep you updated on our future clinic hours.

These measures are to protect both you and our staff. We thank you for your understanding and patiences this far and in the future. This is an adjustment period for all of us and we are still here to provide the best service for your pet.